Services include:

Marketing Literature

New Product Development

Technical Marketing

Total R-value Calcs.

Structural Engineering

Areas of Expertise

Industry Networks

Respected and knowledgeable building industry representatives in the residential, commercial, mechanical services and industrial market segments. Experienced in maximising business opportunities within changing regulatory frameworks. Active within a number of building industry associations.

Leading Technical Teams

Recruitment, training and development of technical teams to service and educate industry professionals responsible for the specification of projects.

Industry Knowledge 

Able to identify market trends and develop marketing initiatives to grow sales. Maintain a keen interest in industry developments as drivers for new product opportunities. Experienced with manufacturing processes, capabilities and limitations to ensure realistic targets are developed and achieved.

Project Management

Management of product development, commissioning market research, market audits. Led teams of production, finance, logistics, marketing and sales representatives to achieve process improvement, reduced costs and increased amenity.

B2B Marketing and Product Development

Experienced in the development and implementation of business cases and marketing plans to achieve budgeted sales targets. Experienced presenter and author of industry handbooks and technical papers to educate both customers and the industry.

New Business Development

New and existing supplier negotiations involving procurement, quality and unit pricing. Customer negotiations to provide profitable outcomes with automotive industry suppliers.

Key Account Liaison and Sales Development

Manager of product cost and pricing. Implementation of regular price increases based on quality, service and availability. Streamlined warehousing and logistics to increase customer value and reduce costs of goods sold.


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